Kindly note NiveshIcon Investment Advisor does not provide any GUARANTEED service, Profit/Loss sharing services, Portfolio management services, DEMAT trading services, and services which are not mentioned in our website, i.e., and if any person tries to SELL such type of the PRODUCT kindly inform us by dialing +91 975-586-1147 or you can mail us at info[at]niveshicon[.]com. “Investment in the Stock/Commodity/Forex market is subject to market risk.” Investments in Equity/Commodity/Forex Market are Risky & taking a loan for Investment purposes can make it riskier. Hence, NiveshIcon Investment Advisor does not suggest anyone take a loan for the subscription or investment purpose. Also, it is strongly advised to evaluate its own credit risk, if any loan (for any purpose) has been opted by anyone. We do not have any refund policy. Please trade only on those calls/recommendations which are provided through SMS by NiveshIcon Investment Advisor authorized research server. We’re officially registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) with the SEBI registration number INA000009047 by following all the norms made by SEBI.


Read Carefully: The amount that you are paying in the company is purely the fees for our services (not Investment). Investment is to be done by your side and in your DEMAT account only.